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Redefining travel one Trek at a time.

What People are Saying




“The trip was great. I felt it was convenient being picked up, and the driver even waited for me when I was late on the way back. You wouldn’t get that from a bus company… it felt very human.”




“We all got along really well and I definitely thought it was convenient because I was dealing with a real person in my area. It's really comforting to have other people with me and great to have others chip in with gas. I was going to have to pay for the gas for the trip by myself if I drove alone. I definitely think I grew a little closer to the people I drove and I would absolutely do it again. The whole process seemed very convenient and useful.”




“The ride with CarTrek was great, the driver picked me up and I got door-to-door service, so can’t complain. The driver was a really cool, guy and so was the other rider… It definitely didn’t feel like I was in an Uber for 3 ½ hours. Both of them came over for a family dinner afterwards, but honestly I wouldn’t expect anything less from my parents.”

About Us

The Trek Started with a Single Step

Adventurous students returned from Europe, and surely enough “abroad changed them”. Overseas, they saw a culture that they longed to replicate. A culture of trusting strangers, taking action, and sharing resources that they wanted to bring to the US. Back on campus they were frustrated that travel was largely limited to students with cars, money, or the time to arrange extravagant plans. They devised a plan for CarTrek, and planned to utilize the hub of college students in the Boston area to create the most comfort oriented, economically friendly way to Trek on to your next adventure.

Where does that bring us now?

We’re still in our beginning phases, obviously, launching a base product with plans to launch a web-app in the coming weeks. We plan on tapping into the untouched long distance carpooling market in the US and connect drivers and riders who are looking for friendly carpooling. Ross, Mikayla, Olive and Adon comprise the CarTrek team and are dedicated to providing a social, cost efficient, smart and safe way to Trek. We hope you feel welcome in joining our community and enjoy using a sustainable, and fun way to travel.

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